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Flexibility Is The Key To Great Sex


Hey guys. In today’s blog, we’ll go further into our Keys To Great Sex series with a great topic I call ‘Flexibility is the Key’. We all know that lifting weights to get that chiseled look or jogging to increase stamina and even eating the right foods to get that blood pumping works wonders in improving our ability to dominate in the bedroom. But, one thing that most guys I know overlook (intentionally in most cases) is flexibility.

The best way to increase flexibility is to stretch. I know that most of us would rather skip this part of our workout, but let’s face it guys it’s totally necessary. Have you ever been in the middle of making love and all of a sudden you get a charlie horse (muscle spasm usually around the hamstring)? Well, I have and it’s no fun. It’s pretty embarrassing having to stop during sex writhing in pain and having to explain to your lover that you’re too out of shape to hit it right.

Not only is stretching physically good for you, but it also helps relax and focus the mind. Once you get into a good rhythm and get passed the initial soreness from a good stretching regimen, you’ll find that you’ll be more alert and even have more energy. It’s also a good idea to ask your significant other to join you in stretching, this will bring you much closer and can add much-needed motivation.

5 Stretches To Help You Perform Better In Bed


Stand straight up with your feet together. Extend both arms above your head pointing to the ceiling. Take a deep breath. Slowly bend down at the waist toward your feet, while exhaling touch your toes with your fingers (or as low as you can go). Hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Slowly stand upright remembering to keep your back as flat as you can. Repeat this about 4 times.


Lay flat on your stomach in the plank or push-up position. Slowly inhale as you push your upper body off of the ground. Try to keep your legs straight and parallel with the ground. Slowly exhale as you hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Repeat about 4 times.


Starting from a right leg lunge position, lean forward while keeping your back flat and place both hands flat on the ground (or as low as you can go). Breathe slowly as you hold this position for about 10 seconds. Switch legs and repeat the stretch. Do this about 2 times on each side.


Starting from the right leg lunge position. Take a slow deep breath as you raise your hands towards the sky keeping your back flat and head looking straight up. Try to get a good stretch in your hips. Loosening your hip flexors will greatly improve your sexual performance. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Exhale and slowly come out of the lunge. Switch sides and repeat the stretch. Do this about 2 times per side.


The last stretch is pretty simple. Sit on the ground with both legs together and your toes pointing straight up. take a deep breath and slowly reach for your toes while exhaling. If you can’t reach your toes right now it’s ok, you’ll eventually get there.

Doing these stretches daily will only take a few minutes but will work wonders on your overall health. Remember Flexibility is the Key.

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